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Oil Painting Tips and Techniques: List of Topics and Links

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

When I was an art student, there were times when I felt frustrated by a lack of specific information. This frustration led me to comb the internet for answers to my questions. However, even that was frustrating. Sometimes I didn't know the right question to ask, and answers I did find were usually strewn over multiple sites.

And so, in order to help you avoid the same time-consuming, frustrating searches, below is a list of topics, organized into primary subjects, so that both you and I may have the information we need all in one place. If you have a topic that you would like me to cover and that isn't listed below, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Note: I will be linking each Topic Post back to a page called "Painting Tips and Techniques" that can found attached to "Blog" in the site menu.

About Oil Paint

Paint Colors 


  • Types of Mediums: The Simple Option

  • Types of Mediums: Oils, Thinners, Questions, etc.

  • How to Keep Solvent Odors to a Minimum while Painting 

  • How to Avoid and Fix a Yellowing Painting


Painting Supports/Palettes 

Painting Methods 

  • Three Oil Painting Rules: Fat over Lean, Thick over Thin, and Slow over Fast Drying 

  • Direct vs Indirect vs Combination Painting: Differences, Terms, and Artists

  • Colored Grounds / Imprimatura: What is it, What colors to Use, and Who Used Them

  • Indirect Painting: The Flemish Technique or Classical Approach

  • Indirect: Underdrawing

  • Indirect: Underpainting and Dead Color

  • Indirect: Overpainting

  • Indirect: Glazing, true glazing vs color correcting

  • How to Correct Dull, Sunken Colors: Oiling Out Vs Creating a Couch

  • Direct Painting: Alla Prima vs Wet-on-Wet vs En Plein Air

  • Direct: Impasto Painting

  • Direct Painting: 10 Simple Guidelines to Colorful and Clean Paintings

  • Tonking: How to Smooth Paint Strokes or Paint Thickness without Disturbing the Paint

  • How and When to Varnish

  • How to paint Convincing Shadows: painting the colors that you can't see 

  • Flesh Tones: Warm and Cool

  • What you need in order to copy an Old Master or Modern Work

Color Theory 

  • Hue vs  Color vs Tint vs Shade: What they are and How to make them

A small caveat: There are differing opinions all over the internet about each of these topics. The opinion I am putting forth is my own, but only after extensive research. I normally only decide what to write on a topic after I have found two or three agreeing opinions that stand out from all of the differing ones and I will be citing them when possible.

An addendum: Several of these posts originally appeared on my old blog, The posts that appear here are updated and/or completely rewritten.

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