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Katherine Griffin (that’s me) is a working painter who, over the years, has collected a husband, a 100-year-old home, two little girls, and the cutest kitten ever.

While I like to pretend I am from California, I have been living in Utah since I was seven and here I have learned to love nature and almost all things outdoors. I say “almost” as I have a hard time being cold (oh the irony).

I went to school at Brigham Young University for art history, and Utah Valley University for a BFA in painting.

I imagine it would be hard to grow up in Utah and not be inspired by nature. Wanna go hiking? 15 mins and you are in the mountains. Wanna go skiing? 20 mins and you are at the slopes. However, it wasn't until I was older that I became keenly aware of my effect on nature and the environment at large. 

I see my works as two sides of the same coin. The love of one's pets and the love of our wild friends. Both of whom we need to love, nurture, and protect.

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