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Hello and Welcome!

Updated: Jun 10

Welcome to my Blog! Here you will read a little bit about me, some about my paintings, and a lot about how to paint.

A few years ago, even after an art degree and years of painting, I still found myself frustrated by my own knowledge gaps when it came to not only how to paint, but also the nature of oils and mediums and brushes and supports etc, etc, etc...

It seemed to me that the knowledge was out there, but I either had to wade through the mire to find it or pay an insane amount of money (including all the money I spent on my education) to get it. I did both. I paid a little to get into web "academies," went to lectures and demonstrations, bought books...Some were more helpful than others, but through it all I eventually got to a place were I felt like I finally had the knowledge I needed to be the artist that I wanted to be.

This is what I want to share here. A blog where both you and I can have the information that we need to be better painters. Enjoy!

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